ButWhyTho Episode 51: Black Panther Matters

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For over 50 years, the Black Panther has inspired people from the pages of Marvel, in a week, he will take his rightful place on the big screen, but why tho? Why do we still care about Black Panther, Wakanda and the man under the mask: T’Challa. With special guest Sceritz aka Ritz, host of @WakandaIVLyfe (a Black Panther podcast), we dive into the history of the character and talk representation, diaspora, authorship and how the new movie is already breaking records.


John aka Sceritz
From — Wakanda IV Lyfe (a Black Panther Podcast) and #DoYouEvenComicBook
Follow him  @IVwall
@WakandaIVLyfe | Website | doyouevencomicbook.com

Music this episode is “Legacy of the Panther (Panda Black Panther Remix, Comic Edition),”
an original from Ritz — For full song see below

T’Challa fighting the KKK in Jungle Adventure in Jungle Action featuring the Black Panther #21 by McGregor and Graham, published by Marvel (1973)

Kate is a Chicana, podcaster, pop culture scholar, and mutant. With But Why Tho? She, along with Matt, Adrian use their love and knowledge of popular culture to talk from their hearts about why the things they love matter beyond fandoms on ButWhyTho? Podcast.

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