REVIEW: Black Magick #10

Black Magick #10 Review Cover

Black Magick #10 /  Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Nicola Scott / Colorist: Chiara Arena / Letterer: Jodi Wynne / Published January 24th, 2018

Black Magick #10 Review Cover Feature

Detective Rowan Black is sleeping off a truly terrible day that involved her not only shooting a suspect but also revealed that a secret society known for hunting and killing her kind is in town and after her. All the while, an unknown evil is moving against her partner’s newly born son.

This issue unfolds the story a step further and increases the tension on everything. The unnamed evil force behind everything is revealed and it looks like the Aria may not be as bad as they seem, at least not compared to what is actually moving behind the scenes. The Aria are definitely not telling the whole story, Hawthorne and Rowan should be skeptical at the very least.

Rucka has written some terrific dialogue here, especially between Rowan’s familiar and the Aria invader in her home. The plotting is tight and tense as we see the lines between the world of magic and our normal world blurring.

Scott’s artwork is one of the most unique out now. The simple gray wash makes the few spikes of colors pop out even more and seem even more other worldly. The final panels really stand out as the evil is revealed and they almost seem to shimmer right off the page as if they will take form right in front of us. My only complaint is some of the characters start looking the same with the monotone coloring it’s harder to differentiate by hair and skin tones. I had to reread the first page several times because it was hard to tell two characters apart.

This issue is the big reveal, where we final see the hero and the villain face off, but that is where it leaves us. There are teases of more information and clues but none are provided this time around, for every answer we have another question. They make us wait for the next issue and since this is a bi-monthly book I always have to go back and re-read the previous issues to remind myself of what’s happening. It’s a minor complaint for what is otherwise a fantastic and original book.

Verdict 4/5

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